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The positive side of art and the significance of a display

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The positive side of art and the significance of a display

Over the years I have had the opportunity to visit hundred's of businesses large and small involved in about everything you could imagine. An unbelievable amount of corporate money is spent creating structures for people to conduct business or whatever in. Humans are expected to create, work and generally function at their best in the interior environments of these buildings. What I find disturbing is how often so little attention is paid in creating a healthy, stimulating and inspirational interior space.

Here is a simple yet often overlooked reality. Art has an effect on us. Just about any industry that requires people will benefit greatly if they pay attention to this basic principle. Investments in wisely chosen artwork can result in a much more productive, healthy, competitive and spirited group of individuals. There may even be fewer sick days and people tend to get along with each other better when surrounded by expressive and moving works of art.

A large business might spend multi millions on a structure to house a work force and then cover the walls with cheap and even faded images on poster paper under the guise of cost savings. Believe it or not, I've seen this happen in hospitals where art could be of enormous benefit. It makes no sense. In the past I have seen so many offices, work areas etc. that are depressing and one could even describe as painful to enter. When I require a service, I do what I can to avoid these places and I know others do the same. Imagine the effect it must have on employees who have to spend what could be a fairly large portion of their life in a place where what makes us human is denied.

What a difference a relatively small investment can make. It didn't bother me waiting for help in my local cell phone providers building - Edge Wireless. There were a least a few nicely produced landscape works on the walls that I enjoyed looking at. It's obvious that the marketing agents for Edge Wireless decided on what they see as remote landscape art to promote their signal coverage. I kind of doubt they realized the other positive effects this display would produce.

Some corporations have realized how important the arts are when designing an environment to house people. It seems to happen more often in larger population centers and resorts. There really isn't a valid reason why this happens more in these areas, most organizations can realize the benefits regardless of location, regional culture or attitudes.

Art is not something we live with; it's something we can't live without.

Leland Howard